Startalk X Solgaard Outta this world.




Project Type

Solgaard X Startalk


Creative Director
Head of Marketing

My Contribution

Product Photography
Asset consistancy

Branding is more than design.
How does taking snaps aid my creativity, design & strategy?

Photography conveys emotions. Developing that skill to tell the brand story will only increase my skill set. It’s part of the visual identity, so knowing photos, lighting & retouching only adds to my branding & problem-solving. Plus, it comes in handy on holiday. I'm just never in pictures. It's fine, honestly!

The brief

Fortunately for me, these guys have a great creative director. We're visual people, so I always get a visual brief when possible. I even get reminder notes from the previous shoot. Which I have anyway, but it's helpful.

Process / Notes

Like brand strategy, I take a step back before I begin & make an action plan. Such as gear setup, backup systems in place, do I need to hire anything or anyone, ideas & mood boards, file system, and let’s not forget about calculating time around a busy schedule and family life. I mainly use Capture One & Photoshop to produce my product photography.

Neil deGrasse Tyson & discussing startalk luggage
Neil deGrasse Tyson & discussing startalk luggage


This wasn't my first rodeo shooting (pew pew) with Solgaard. However, this particular set had to be consistent, making it seamless when you flicked through it online.


Design / Mars

Your grandchild's future home? Featuring Valles Marineris, the Grand Canyon of Mars. Although more than 4x the size, at 2500 miles long, and up to 4 miles deep.

A man sitting by a Startalk X Solgaard carry-oon closet.

Design by Chris Cavill  |

My takeaway

Well, it’s NASA and Startalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson on a mission to create sustainable products.
It Doesn’t get much cooler than that!

That aside, I had an improved structured step-by-step strategy that I've been developing. It freed up brain space to get creative. One less thing to think about. Check.

Design / Moon

Our wave maker - the Moon. Featuring Montes Apenninus - the 3.9 billion year old mountain range on the lunar surface that is more than 370 miles long and 17,700 ft high.

Chris has been such a crucial part of the success of our online sales. His attention to detail has been impeccable – ensuring that nothing is missed, including seemingly minor details we hadn’t thought of. I’m happy that we have worked together for almost 5 years and will continue for the long run!

Adrians Profile picture in black and white.

My product photos have been featured in a few cool places.