Katrilee logo design

The goal was to create a playful, bold & fun brand within the socials that Katrina followed, loved and lived by.




Project Type

Branding an Etsy start-up for a product company, DIY earrings


Katrina Sheldon Founder

My Contribution

Creative direction
Brand development
Brand identity (logos)
Brand style guidelines


Stylescapes to discover the brand tone, voice & direction. We identified Katrina’s ideal consumers.

Part of the logo development is trying out different ideas. They don’t all stick. At the start, it can be overwhelming, but I stick to the process (I say that a lot).

Katrilee Pantones colours

We decided on these colours as they represented playfulness, boldness & fun, the three main focal points of the brand’s voice. 

Opened style guide book and wrapping paper

The brand style guide sounds formal here, but the shoe fits. A playful company still needs to stay on track. It’s easy to get lost amongst social media, Etsy and just being badass. This booklet prevents that. Minus the badass!

This was a fun & freeing project. I love the juicy direction we took. I liked that I wouldn’t be the ‘go-to’ designer to do this style; it challenged me, which is something I’m always searching for. Any ‘style’ is achieved with a good process & discovery.

Katrilee stickers and round logo

Chris understood my brand from the first conversation we had. He created a logo package and in depth style guide which included packaging design, colour palettes and photography guides. Happy with his work is an understatement!

Katrina · Founder


Camo Coffee brand logo in orange.