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'Oomph' eBook FAQs below

It’s a short, enjoyable project where you can have as much input as your schedule can manage. Lots or none, my process caters for either. This creative project is a lovely offering to help your audience feel even more connected to you without overstepping boundaries. A significant plus is that it doesn’t cost you a dollar, and we donate to a great charity. For me, this is awesome.

Just to reiterate, this project doesn’t cost you anything! My income will come from the eBook sales, which will be a percentage you decide on at the start of the project.

At a minimum, I need good photos from your phone or, better yet, a camera, plus a few captions to go with the images. We can let the pictures do the talking. However, the ideal option is an eBook that tells a story, which I can help with if it’s not your thing (storytelling is part of my freelance branding). We can do this over zoom; you tell me about each photo (in chunks throughout the project), so it’s not time-consuming. I love hearing about people’s journeys, paths and goals it’s intriguing to me. The scrapbook elements require a little more effort, but I need photos of those too. I can give you direction here, there are a few paths we can go down.

You definitely do. You may not know it yet, but here are a few potential topics/chapters:

  • Behind the scenes
  • How I got here
  • My latest excursion
  • Travel eBook
  • My pet eBook
  • Showcasing a project
  • My life story
  • Growing up
  • Leaving the nest
  • Life skills

You don’t just have a following because your cat is cute. You are part of the journey.

First of all, I’m not a D***, honestly. I’m a nice friendly chap that’s slightly obsessed with music and enjoys the introverted lifestyle. Second, I haven’t sent you a cold email. Potential collabs are hand-picked based on various common grounds, so I’ve reached out to you because I think we’ll be able to create something great together. Lastly, I’ve been in the creative, product development, photography, B2B, eBook and product industries for 15 years with many connections to answer any questions; if a sticky point occurs.

Like-minded, inspiring do-gooders.

You can have as much creative input as you want. I enjoy it when a project is collaborative. However, I understand you may not have the capacity to fully commit your precious time, but you are still interested. My creative process caters for either. It’s very flexible, and I have the creative skills to manage this alone.

Our goal is not to create the perfect photo album. The story and topic is the most valuable part here. If your photos are from a phone, then that’s how we’ll roll. For digital eBooks, this will work just fine.

An online shop, landing page or pop-up, and if the socials allow product sales like on youtube, we can add it there. Amazon self-publishing & Smashwords are good options, but they obviously take a cut. Your primary source is your audience, and we’ll sprinkle a few ads here and there.

Most of the marketing is created through your socials and or mailing list with ads (I provide you with social posts). If you don’t have a mailing list, this project will start one for you, which is very handy for future merch and reaching out to your audience’s inbox. This is not a scary book publication overloaded with press and interviews. It’s meant to be a fun project with results.

The eBook will sit there for life, generating income. Or it can be a limited edition type thing. This will also add to your mailing list if you have one for future potential sales. As it’s digital, it can easily be updated, removed, or whatever fits your targets and goals.

It is your choice which charity we give to and what percentage we donate. I want to give back on each project I’m a part of. Everyone needs some sort of help.

Every project is different. I believe in value-based %, where everyone wins or loses. This way, we are in it together, and I love that idea. It makes me work smarter and feels like I’m charging the gates of Mordor!

An estimate would be $4.99 to $14.99, depending on the size/value we’re offering.

If you already have a brand, perfect! However, it’s not the only way to go. You may have a style you want to get across. Usually, a good start is a mood board of ideas and vibes. Pinterest is good for that. If you’re not creative, then that’s what I’m here for, so you don’t have to be. You will sign off at stages throughout the process anyway, so we’re always heading in the right direction and you have control.

I’m from England, UK. I live outside of Bristol (where Banksy is from) near the famous Glastonbury Festival. Still struggle for local tickets though! But I work internationally.

I’m far from perfect, and there are many moving parts here. I like to think my breadth of skills is high, however, sometimes you don’t know, and I have many great people to obtain advice from. People are entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Marketing experts, Product designers, Kickstarter creators, and art & creative directors. All these people are a phone call away.

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Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to commit from an email. We can bounce ideas first. I’m a sucker for creative ideas.