Clarks Originals company logo in red


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Project Type

Clarks & Supreme footwear collaboration - Product development service


Footwear Designers Product Development Range Management Directors

My Contribution

Design Prototypes Concept Creations 2D Image Manipulation Print & Digital Design assets

Product Photo of Clarks X Supreme collaboration


At Clarks, I worked closely with footwear designers, range managers and directors to produce seasonal & limited-edition collaboration shoes.


The creative process is below in stages. You’ll see the design development input I attributed and how it helped the business succeed in this project.


For me, the goal was to support the footwear designers in achieving their targets. I mostly enjoyed having input on the creation of a concept to trial.

01 How

It starts with a sketch from the footwear designer or a previous style to work from.

Clarks Wallabee sketch design.

Player 2 (me) has
entered the game

02 Render

From sketch to render, using mainly Photoshop to create layers, like building blocks. This allows for rapid prototyping & decisions to be made fast without samples being produced.

A photoshop render of a clarks wallabee red shoe.
Clarks x Supreme wallabee shoe development.

03 Real

Render to Real…ish. I would effectively build the shoe in layers in photoshop and then add materials, stitching and patterns. It’s crucial here not to spend days creating award-winning art. I’m still providing a service, and speed is a significant factor.

Selection of Pantone swatches for designing

04 Variants

After using all sorts of “dark magic” to bring the concepts to a near-life experience, I would then prototype different pantones & styles. I love the creative opportunities here.

Two Clarks X Supreme footwear, concept design styles

05 Why?

By doing this, I’m showing creative ideas and what may not work, which saves time in the long run & increases the chance for better decisions. Also, it’s cost-effective and saves on samples and materials. I also create assets for presentations, prints and pdf booklets.

Clarks X Supreme Product development booklet.

Player 2 has
left the game

A product development meeting showcasing footwear designs.

It’s cool when you see your development in the wild

Dude chillin, wearing green clarks supreme wallabees shoes.
Selection of Clarks X Supreme styles on the floor photo.

Other collaborative brands I have worked on


These projects developed my people, creativity, innovation, development and problem-solving skills. 

Why could this work for you?

Understanding the development industry improved my design and know-how. Innovation & development can solve solutions early, which is always beneficial.

3 photos of clarks collaborations shoes.